Saturday, May 1, 2010

Preparing for the Raw Ice Cream Cake Challenge

I have been busy preparing for an upcoming Raw Ice Cream Cake challenge.  Last night, I measured out the required nut, buckwheat and cacao butter quantities.  I soaked my cashews, almonds and buckwheat groats overnight.  I placed my coconut oil and coconut cream and cacao butter in my dehydrator on a low temp to bring them to a liquid state.  I was prepared for anything....except a busted pipe in my bathroom!

The water HAS to be turned off in order for the hubs to work his magic!!  Unfortunately, the lack of readily available water poses a HUGE problem!  Who knew how much I relied on my beautiful H2O!

I await patiently, out of the hubs way (he hates problems like these and can get quite cranky) and am trying to occupy myself with some other activity.  Oh...I wanna scream for ice cream!!!  Maybe later...

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