Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The LA Garden Show

This past weekend was so beautiful here in Southern California.  It was the perfect weekend for the LA Garden Show at the LA Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

We all had such a great time looking at all the designer's gardens...there were some great ideas I told Jeffrey (hubs) to make me...eh em...for Mother's Day!!

Yes, this is what I want babe!!!

Looks like fire...ugh!

The brightest I have ever seen...

This one was a mini garden scene in a coffee can!  Go Barbie!

Inside the orchid house...breathtaking!!

Lest I forget to mention, that wandering the grounds, literally everywhere were these magnificent creatures...

The noises they made were hysterical!  But, it was no wonder why these animals were here...their beauty fit right in with the amazing landscaping.

Some other feathered friends decided they wanted to hang out with us (cause we are so cool!  or maybe it was because of the kettlecorn...hmmm)

It felt like we were in a fantasy...on an island...oh, wait, isn't that the house FROM Fantasy Island!!


The sights were beautiful...especially these guys..

The hubs took this one of me by the waterfall....how romantic ; )

Everyone thanked everyone else on this beautiful day for a wonderful time.  I will cherish it always.  The  grandest of all finales?

Getting to hand feed Mr. P!  How cool is that??

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