Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Raw Ice Cream Cake Challenge entry

Well, I finally finished my raw ice cream cake for Sweetly Raw's Raw Ice Cream Cake Challenge!! I had a little set back with my leaky pipe, but I overcame.  Now, before I get into the details, I wanted to explain where I came up with the flavor idea.  It started with Heather's Moonie Pie Challenge (which I didn't enter) but I still made.  I started thinking about a different "cake" I wanted to use instead of the chocolate cake.  It is an almond based crust I perfected that tastes just like graham crackers.  I thought that the moonie pie might taste more like a s'more that way...and VOILA!  I decided I was going to make a s'more flavored nice cream cake.  Mmmm, mmmm.

This is what I am calling my "Gimme S'more" nice cream cake.

I began by making my "graham cracker" crust made up of dates, almonds, honey and coconut oil.  I only have a 12" spring form pan so I realized that my cake would be vertically challenged.  I decided that it was meant to be!  A s'more isn't 10" tall, it is shorter cuz you are squishing the crackers to melt the marshmellow and chocolate together...anyways, I digress.

I pressed half the crust into the bottom of my pan and kept the other half for later.  I then made the chocolate nice cream (with extra cacao butter and agave) and put half of it over the crust and put in the freezer to harden.  Next I made a white chocolate nice cream and put about 1/3 of it in the fridge to chill. I took the other two cups and added almond butter and more agave for my third nice cream flavor.

After everything chilled to a pancake batter-like consistency, I poured the almond butter nice cream over the frozen chocolate layer...and added little bits of fudge that I made from cacao butter, agave and cacao powder/nibs.  Then I swirled in the white chocolate layer for this pretty design...

I put this in the freezer to harden up and when it was ready, I added the other half of my chocolate layer. I took the remaining "graham cracker" crust and crumbled it over the top!

After this set up in the freezer, I drizzled chocolate sauce over the top....

You can see the layers from this view...just like a s'more!!  Graham cracker, chocolate, yummy marshmellowy, peanut buttery, fudgy layer, more chocolate and another graham cracker!!!


Finally, I added some whipped coconut cream to the top...

I didn't end up using any of the buckwheat crispy's I made...didn't seem to go.  But now I have plenty to make all kinds of goodness with.

Here is a slice...

I know I may seem biased, and I know this isn't the most beautiful nice cream cake to hit the scene...but it was absolutely DEEEEELICIOUS!!  Everyone in the family agrees!!  It actually tastes like a s'more!

What a blast to make!  The hubs insists this is his favorite nice cream cake to date, so that made my day.


  1. I love it Gilian! Scrummalicious for sure - I loooved s'mores as a kid. I'd happily take a piece of this (or 2 or 3 ;)

  2. oh yum!!! s'mores sounds amaaazing!

    i am crazy for ice cream cakes!=)

  3. amazing!!!! it is actually quite pretty!!! don't knock it!!!

    i want a piece too!!!

    good luck!


  4. I love chocolate! I'm just about breakfast now... Thinking about Your cake...Would be nice for breakfast as well:) But don't tell Your daughter:))

  5. Ohhh my gosh!! S'mores! Beautiful, that looks SOOOO delicious. And the shorter size does totally work for a "S'mores" cake :D.

  6. i don't know what s'more is, but your cake sure looks good! and the crust on top.. mmmm

  7. I like your blog! Wow this looks so tasty! I want it!

  8. Your cake looks delicious! YUM! I would love to have a slice of that!