Sunday, April 18, 2010

What the CUSS is going on?

So, I have been obsessing about my raw food journey...again.  Truth be told, I have been inspired by the likes of so many interesting, fascinating, awesome people out there, that I wanted to give it a try myself!
This seems like such an obvious thing to do, to channel my energy into something and at the same time, share with others who are crazy interested in the same stuff as me!

Here is my story, quick and dirty; I am a wife and mother of two who works full-time. I am obsessed with healthy living, even though I have my share of challenges (can anyone say warm, sourdough bread...). I am the ONLY one in my household, well except my little raw dog Belly, who eats high raw.  I have some really great days, and some that are better left forgotten.  I want to share and celebrate my little victories and vent, divulge my little challenges.  I am looking for more Mostly, Sometimes, Occasional, and 100% Raw Mamas (and Papas) to join in on my adventures.  There you have it folks.  This is my tale...of a mostly raw mama!  Who's with me?

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